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What You Get

Topic and Idea Selection

Retrieve topics and subtopics, alongside possible ideas to enforce and expand upon. Simplify and expand any topic or subtopic of reference.

Brainstorm and Outline Build

Have a thought flow built out so you’re not mentally stuck. Create a concrete outline and structure for your research paper.

Research Questions, Gaps, and Hypothesis Generator

Based on a topic and keywords, get a list of questions, gaps in research, and possible hypotheses to utilize.

Methodology and Techniques Creator

Explain how the qualitative or quantitive approach can be used to address the topic. Get the top data collection practices.

Research Paper and Article Locator

Literature Review – Based on a given topic and keywords, produce articles for reference.

Summary and Analysis Generator

Get the main arguments and key findings of a given text. Describe the theoretical framework and methodology used.

Personal Study Guide and Plan Build

Create a step-by-step comprehensive guide and plan based on your timeframe to study.

Exam Preparation Creator

Generate multiple choice questions based on your given research topic

…ranging in various difficulties.

Book Summarizer

Give the title and author. Condense books into concise and comprehensive summaries for effortless learning.

Lesson Plan Generator

Structured lesson plans for any subject, idea, course, or concept. Just plug in the topic and grade level. AI will provide the rest.

Educational Handout Writer

Efficiently create comprehensive handouts encompassing all the essential information about a particular topic, concept, or subject area for both yourself and a student.

Gaps in Understanding Identifier

Provide your own understanding of a given topic, idea, or concept. An analysis will take place pointing out the gaps in knowledge of the said topic.


Bonus #1: The Quick Learner

Pick the topic, keywords, and main points you want to focus on and learn about. Be broad or specific as need be. Use the 80/20 principle to learn faster than ever.

Bonus #2: The Proofreader

Improvise your writing. Proofread, correct, and get tailored feedback to what you need to do to better your writing. This detailed feedback will give you the steps needed to take next.

Bonus #3: The Detailer

Completely understand a topic, idea, or research point. Have a concept broken down to have a strong mental grasp on it, being able to speak and write on it intelligently.

Why Research Panda?

Enhance your planning and preparation process through the power of comprehensive AI.

Discover streamlined templates for study guides and receive tailored writing prompts and answers for each section of your paper that cater to your specific academic field.

Research Panda was built for the academic.

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Get All the AI Research TOOLS

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Built for Students, Teachers, Scholars, and Academics

1. Topic Selection and

Idea Generator

2. Brainstorm and Outline Generator

3. Research Questions, Research Gaps,

and Hypothesis Generator

4. Methodology and Technique Generator

5. Research Paper

and Article Locator Generator

6. Summary and Analysis Generator

7. Study Guide and Plan Generator

8. Exam Preparation Generator


Research Panda works for education levels ranging from high school students to doctoral academics. Nevertheless, it is for any academic looking to further their research in any given field.

Research Panda is capable of generating educational guides, study plans, academic content, and much more. If you can think it, Research Panda can create it. This includes materials related to mathematics, English Language Arts (reading, writing, grammar), science (biology, chemistry, physics), social Studies (history, geography, civics, economics), computer science, political science, and any subject you work in.

To use Research Panda, simply click one of the membership options above to “Try for 3 Days Free” to access the sign up page. From there, you can give Research Panda detailed instructions using any of the 8+ premium AI tools. Once you’ve generated your first AI content, go ahead and edit it to your liking, and copy it for your research use.

Yes! All Research Panda users get unlimited usage and access to all AI tools as long as they are a member. This means you can create as many guides, handouts, article reviews, outlines, and academic content as you’d like.

We offer a 3-day free trial with both membership tiers, Monthly and Quarterly. If you are not 100% satisfied, no worries! Just cancel before your free trial ends. Because of the work in the upkeep of Research Panda, we do not offer any refunds.

Feel free to send us a message using the form below! We will get back to you within 48 hours.

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